Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buenos Aires -- Day 2

And the adventure continues. 9 hours of Buenos Aires at a dead run, or as Wendy calls it, a gentle stroll punctuated by phrases such as "It's only 18 blocks. It's nothing."

I did have some seconds for photography though. My favorite place today--to see and to photograph was El Caminito. Fortunately, we were warned that it wasn't safe to wander from the main street of the barrio, so we got to take a cab! Sitting. What a concept! But the colors of the buildings were fantastic and the small art show had some amazing work. Wendy couldn't leave without one small drawing of the place. I loved it, too.

After that it was time to tour the El Zanjon de Granados, a reconstructed building in BA that used to be a tenement. The reconstruction was so well done that there was no feeling of age left (sigh), but the architecture was beautiful.

We had a brief stop at the Museo Fragata Sarmiento, and got to sit out a bout of rain (great timing), then a quick stop at the Galeria Pacifico for a tango show and a heavier pair of socks for me (!) and then dinner near the hotel. (My new favorite phrase. Agua sin gas -water no bubbles.

Tomorrow, Evita's balcony and the nature preserve, then the rest of the Audubon people arrive and there's a reception in the evening. We leave for the ship the next morning at 5:45 a.m. So, we'll see when I can get back to this blog.

Buenos noches!

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