Thursday, February 5, 2009

Antarctic Ice

What a totally amazing day! First we went to the Vernadsky Station on the Argentine Islands. The station used to be British, but now is Ukraine and it's where the hole in the Ozone was first discovered. In fact, that equipment is still in use.

We got to explore the Wordie House--named after a crewman in Shackleton's party. Wendy and I (and a lot of others) climbed to the top of another glacier. The view was amazing! Wendy and I were the only ones making snow angels, though. And I was one of the few who slid part of the way down. Easier than walking and about as fast!

During the afternoon, we got a zodiac tour of the stranded ice bergs off Pleneau Island. There is no way to describe this. A garden of ice sculpture created by a grand master. Just...well, just...

To top off the afternoon, we were chased by a leopard seal who either decided our zodiac was the biggest penguin it had ever seen or it wanted to make little leopard seals, but it didn't want us to leave and between the pictures we were taking and Wendy's video, we have our close (and hysterical) encounter well documented!

Tonight we're at anchor. The clouds have moved in after two days of sunshine, and even the crew was taking pictures of the sunset yesterday!

Tomorrow--more adventures. More penguins and more of the most amazingly, incredibly beautiful landscape that anyone has ever seen.

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