Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Antarctica update

Well, couple of days without internet access, but what an amazing couple of days! This place is just amazing. First stop in the Shetland Islands -- Deception Island was our first landing and our first site of icebergs! Amazing icebergs! Our second stop was at a thermal spring in Pendulum Cove. I stayed on shore and took pictures. Wendy was crazy enough to go for a swim--in Antarctica! (she was instructed to "take one for the team"--and the crew was very "encouraging").

The next stop was in the Weddell Sea at Devils Island, Icebergs and Adelie penguins and Gentoo penguins, lots and lots of penguins. And an amazing tour of the icebergs. (and I know I keep using amazing, but there are really no words to describe this place, so amazing will have to do.

Today at Cuverville Island, more penguins, and WHALES and even a basking Leopard seal. And more and more amazing scenery!

Oh, and Wendy just reminded me that I actually hiked up a glacier, and hiked and hiked, but I did walk on a glacier. I didn't slide down one, like Wendy did, but I walked on one.

More later if we have a connection.

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