Friday, February 6, 2009

Zodiak Tour and More

Another amazing day! It was snowing lightly when we landed at Dorian Bay to see the Gentoo penguin colony. The hill was too steep for me, but Wendy is getting lots of practice at hiking up snowing cliffs and sliding down them.

Lunch was on deck with a light snow and mild wind, and was a complete blast.

Then we sailed to Paradise Bay, off almirante Brown Station, and had another zodiac tour. And oh my. We were out in the zodiac and saw some minor calving off the face of the glacier, so our driver stuck around hoping for something big, and we got it! An entire double cave collapsed, and we got to ride out the swell and it was Cool, cool, cool. So were the humpback whales, the minke whales and the birds.

Just --here's that word again.


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