Friday, February 6, 2009

Zodiak Tour and More

Another amazing day! It was snowing lightly when we landed at Dorian Bay to see the Gentoo penguin colony. The hill was too steep for me, but Wendy is getting lots of practice at hiking up snowing cliffs and sliding down them.

Lunch was on deck with a light snow and mild wind, and was a complete blast.

Then we took off for a zodiac tour of Paradise Bay, just off Almirante Brown Station.
We saw cape petrals and others birds and then cruised into the bay in time to see an double ice cave collapse into the sea! Here's that word again. Amazing!! Very funny as our driver saw the swells coming and calmly said, please hold on to the ropes. We were all laughing and yelling so loud we barely heard him. It was such an incredible site, and then the square masted barq, Europa sailed into the bay like something from a pirate movie, and the humpback and minke whales were the icing on that amazing afternoon.

Just --here's that word again.


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